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Qaqish - Kakish - In The News

Nadeen Munib Qaqish graduated from high school on June4, 2014. Nadeen will be attending Cal State San Bernardino in the fall. Congratulations.

Rami Malek Qaqish received his Masters degree from California State University, San Bernardino, on June 14, 2014. Congratulations Rami.

Murad Maher Kakish will celebrate his graduation from high school with a party on June fourth 2011 at his parents' house in Yucaipa, California. Congratulations Murad!

Nadia Qaqish, daughter of Issa Jeries and Wife of Munib Frieh,  will celebrate her 40th birthday  with a party thrown in her honor by her sister Mays at Mays and Maher's house on the fourteenth of May 2011. Happy Birthday Nadia.

The Qaqish Family Society held it's annual Christmas party on Sunday December 19th, 2010. Click on the following link for pictures: Christmas Party Pictures

Congratulations to Deema Fawzi Kakeesh for receiving her Masters degree (M.A.) in Translation from the University of Jordan on June 27th 2010

Imad, Carm and Brooke Kakish welcome the newest member to their family Gina Dominique Kakish on July 29th 2010. Welcome and God Bless!!!

The Qaqish Family Society held it's annual Christmas party on Sunday December 20th, 2009. Click on the following link to see the pictures  Annual Christmas Party Pictures

Congratulations to Bassam Qaqish on his appointment to the Jordanian Parliament's Upper House (Senate)

Congratulations to Fairouz Khalil Kakish on her 50th birthday from William, Aseel, Rana and Sima.

I would like to announce the establishment of my new startup company under the name of Technology Labs Ltd. ; TEKLABZ is a Jordanian company which offers specialized IT professional services serving various industries in the local and international market.


 Ramzi M. Qaqish
Managing Director
Technology Labs Ltd.
P.O.Box: 941467 Amman, 11194 Jordan


Congratulations to Shatha Eid Elias Qaqish for receiving her PHD Degree from The University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon, Canada. click here.

Happy 1st birthday to Joseph Naji Abboud from your god mother laila kakish. el 3omor kolo ya rab

 Happy birthday to Ghalia kakish from all your children, grand children and loved ones. we love you teta

We would like to announce the graduation of both Dr. James Kakish and Dr. Jeffrey Kakish from Medical School.  We are very proud of you guys and we love you.  From Your Family Said, Margaret, Joseph, Meryana, Omar and Sumaya (also Sena, Omar Jr., Said and Issa) Congrats and God Bless.

Dr Nathan Munir Kakish is happy his wife Abeer gave birth to a baby boy  named Andrew Nathan Kakish. Congratulations.

We would like to say Alf Mabrook to George El Dier and Lisa Qaqish on there Marriage. We wish them all the happiness and success in there future together. 

Also Congratulations to Malek and Juliet Qaqish on there daughter Lisa's wedding.--

Love, Omar, Sumaya, Sena and Omar Jr. Mughannam

Judge Michael Talbot of the Michigan Court of Appeals will be swearing in Katherine Kakish as chair of the Representative Assembly of the State Bar of Michigan on Thursday, September 18 at the Hyatt near Fairlane Mall in Dearborn.

Rami Malek Qaqish  graduated from California State University, San Bernardino (CSUSB) with a Political Science degree, Pre Law Minor, on June 14, 2008. We wish him success in his continuing education.

Dina George Fawzi Kakish graduated from Cal Poly Pomona, with a Bachelor of Science in Business Finance, Real Estate, Law with a minor in Marketing on June 14, 2008. Grandfather Fouzi Kakish and Father George Kakish and family Congratulates Dina on her accomplishment we wish her the best in her future.

CONGRAULATIONS : Joe & Meryana on your twins boys said and issa they are sooooo beautiful babies, also i want let you know i'm honor to be a great aunt again.........once again congraulation. Juliet Qaqish.

Joseph and Meryana Kakish gave birth to twin boys today and all are doing great. We wanted to wish them and their new family all the best and God’s blessing. From Omar, Sumaya, Sena and Omar Jr. Mughannam

Help Sami Kakish and Kinda Hattar win a free wedding.

Ghalia, Hania and family, Lubna and family, Tamara Kakish & Naji Abboud and Laila Kakish would like to congratulate Hani Kakish on his engagment to Ro'a in Jordan that took place on April 5th, 2008. Alf mabrook ya Abu Gageesh o 3ogbal el 3oros ya rab.

We congratulate Omar and Sumaya Mughannam for their newborn Omar Jr.  on march ,27, 2008 .

Ghalia, Hania and family, Lubna and family, Hani and Laila Kakish would like to congratulate Tamara and Naji Aboud on their new beautiful baby boy Joesph, born on Feb 24 in Toronto, Ontario

We wish a happy 25th birthday to Jeffrey Said Kakish, we love you , and cannot wait for the graduation in 12/7 of this year. From all your family

Happy birthday UM-LOL. Wish you all the best in your life. We miss you very much. . Your sister Asma Qaqish.

A very special Happy Birthday goes to Laila Suhail Kakish from all your family in Canada, USA, and Jordan. You are the best. Love you lots Lola

Dina: Happy 22 birthday from your mom and dad and your brother Johnny.

A very special 22nd Happy Birthday to Dina Wail Kakish on Nov20th, wishing you a new year full of joy and happiness ya Dondon. Love ya Baby Gurl.

We would like to announce the birth of Mickel, the son of Father Alexious (Maher) Kakish and his wife Nehal Akroush.

Happy 23 rd Birthdy goes to Miriam Wail Kakish from all your family here in Toronto. We love you.

Congratulations to Issa Kamal Kakish & Tanya on their wedding date that took place on Oct20th, 2007. May your life together be full of joy and happiness. God bless you.

Congratulations to Miriam & Saliba Qaqish for the engagement that took place on Oct 26th, 2007. God bless you both.

Happy 5th Birthday to Elias & Natalia Emad Kakish on Nov4th, 2007 from mom, dad, Julia, all your aunts and uncles and grandparents and cousins in Canada and in Jordan. We love you tote and Eli :)

Happy 8th birthday goes to Jude Nsheiwat on Nov8th, 2007 from mom, dad, tumtum and your new unborn sister or brother and also from your teta om hani and your uncle and aunts in Canada. Jude ya Jude, we miss you.

Happy birthday goes to Hania Suhail Kakish on Nov 6th, 2007 from your husband and your daughters Jude and Tamara and the unborn baby too. also from your mom and sisters and brother in Canada and everyone who loves you.

Congratulation for the engagement of Lisa Malek Qaqish and George El Deer on 8/30/2007.
Alf Mabrook from your uncle Said and everyone.

Congratulations to Zayda Khoury on her graduation from Cal State San Bernardino. good luck to you in your continuing education.

Rev. Munir Kakish has been voted the President of the Evangelical Local Council of Churches in the Holy Land. Congratulations Rev. Kakish

A special Happy Birthday goes to Issa Kamal Kakish on July 28, 2007 in  Toronto. We all love you jesse. God Bless your heart. From all your family and relatives here in Canada and the State and back in Jordan. 3o2bal 200 saneh

A very happy Birthday goes to Ashley Monther Qaqish on Aug1, 2007. I love you Ashool. From you cousin Lay and everyone else. God bless you beautiful.

Congratulation to Amanda Nesheiwat for her graduation from high school.  love, uncle Saliba qaqish

We have the honor and we are very pleased to announce that Bha Awwad Qaqish will graduate on July 8th.,2007 Computer Engineering from AlBalqa Applied Univerity-Amman Hoping completely success to all of you.

Awwad Elias Qaqish

Nabeel Jeries Suleiman Qaqish had a new baby boy named " Dantee".

Rayed Jeries Suleiman Qaqish got married to Reine Mousa. The wedding was 20 May 2007 in Canada.
    Dr. Jeries S. Qaqish

Rabi ….Nothing New… Except We Miss You , As We Will Always Do …….Your Sister Asma

On behalf of the Kakish (Qaqish) family association, Jamal George Kakish expresses  deep sadness and big loss for the death of Ehtedal Kakish (wife of Bassam Kakish)  , passed away in Detroit, Michigan. Lord have  mercy on her soul.

Happy Birthday to Sumaya on May 26 from your family (Baba Mama, Joe, Meryana, Jim and Jeff Kakish) we still love you out here in New York.

Happy Birthday to Asma Awad Kakish on June 8th. I love you and miss you so much, ur cousin and great friend Um El Lul. Also Mabrook on your engagement to Shadi Hadad. All the best for both of you..........

Happy birthday to Daniel Essa Qaqish on his 5th birthday from your dad,mom,nicholas and christopher.

Happy Birthday to Tamara Suhail Kakish from your mom, brother, and sisters; Laila, Lubna and Hania and your hubby Naji

Happy Birthday to Brooke F. Kakish - Lots of best wishes and love from : grandparents  Farah and Abla Kakish, "Big Teta", cousin Harris and Uncle Andrew and Aunt Ghada. Happy Birthday Brookie!

المختار عواد / ابو علاء:    في كل عام تضاء شمعه   وفي كل عام تطفئ شمعه      لكن شمعة عيد ميلادك   باقية لا تذوب  خالده في القلوب    زوجتك جانيت وأبناوك علاء &  اسماء & ريما عواد قاقيش

Happy birthday to Essa  Khlail Qaqish on April 19 from your wife Rana Qaqish and your kids Daniel, Nicholas and Christopher Qaqish.

I would like to send out a congratulations to Essa Khalil Qaqish and Rana Qaqish on the birth of their son Christopher qaqish on January 06,2007 God blees him.


We would like to congratulate James Said Kakish on passing his board exam for medical school.  We love you Doc.  From all your family

Derick Ziad Halim Qaqish and Yvette Raji Sayegh are planning to get married  this year on the 26th day of the month of May. Congratulations.

Alf Alf Mabrook to Essam El Eid Kakish on his engagment from all your relatives here in Canada espically your cousin Om Majed, Kamal Essa and Om Hani Kakish. Inshalla El Farha el Kobra Gareeban.

Happy Birthday to Naji Abboud on March4th, and all the best, with love ur wife Tamara Kakish and all family here in Toronto.

Happy Birthday to Ghalia kakish on March5th, from all here in Toronto and back in Jordan.

Happy Birthday goes to Robby Zaya Kakish on March7th from mom, dad, vicky and all your relatives here in Toronto.

Happy Birthday to Yara Sami Kakish on March8th, from your husband Marwan Haddad and everyone. We love you

Happy Birthday to Faten Ibrahim Kakish on March21st, from your family and all your relatives here and backhome.

Happy Birthday to Wael Hanna Kakish on March30th, from your wife Margo and your kids Dina and Hanna and all your relatives here in Canada and back in Jordan.

We wish Jeffrey Kakish (24 yrs old) (Jan 29), Said Kakish (Feb 10), Seif Qaqish (Feb 11), and James Kakish (Feb 14) (28 years old) a happy birthday and we wish a happy 31st anniversary to Said and Margaret Kakish on Feb 28 from Joseph and Meryana Kakish

Congratulation to Ra'fat Jamal Kakish and Diana Bsharat on their Engagement on Feb-2-2007. From Essa Jamal Kakish.

Happy birthday to LOLO from Asma  and Rema Qaqish. 

Happy Birthday NADEEN! From Baba Munib and Mama Nadia. And all the Ammoes.

Happy Birthday to Yacoub Mfadi on Jan1st from all your family and friends in Toronto.

Happy 25th Birthday to Hala Ghazi Kakish on Jan4th from aunt Ghalia, lubna & family, Hania Nshiewat & family, Tamara, Naji, Hani and Laila from Toronto.

Happy Birthday to Izdehar Kakish on Jan9th from all your family and friends in Toronto.

Happy 8th Birthday to Julia Emad Kakish on Jan10th from mommy, daddy, elias, natalia, and all your aunts and uncles in Toronto and Jordan.

Happy 23rd Birthday to Johnny Wael Kakish on Jan10th from all your cousins in Toronto.

Happy Birthday to Jalal Nimer Kakish on Jan14th from everyone in Toronto, we love you amo.

Happy 14th Birthday goes to Martin Majed Kakish on Jan25th from all your cousins here in Toronto :)

Happy 24th Birthday to Laila Suhail Kakish on Jan24th from all your family in canada and Jordan. We love you. You are the coolest layouly

In Memory of auntie Jameelah Fareed Issa Kakish who passed away in November 2006.
        From Randy and Hanan Kakish

Congratulation to Eva Kamal Issa Qaqish and Dan Ladner on there Engagement in November 2006. From Kamal, Laila, Randy, Hanan, Kamal jr, Josef and Kristy.

Happy One Year Birthday to Tamara Ra'fat Nshiewat, daughter of Hania Suhail Kakish from your Grandmother, Uncle Hani, Aunt Lubna & family, Aunt Tamara and Uncle Naji and Aunt Laila.

The Annual Christmas Day gathering of the Qaqish (Kakish) Family Society in Southern California will be held in Azusa at Imad Ibrahim Kakish residence. Holiday Lunch will be served in remembrance of Om Issa (mercy on her soul). The festivities will be held between 12:00 and 2:00PM at 18635 E. Petunia, Azusa CA 91702. For directions please call  626-221-9529 or contact one of the following cousins: Kamal Mousa, Mazen Frieh and his brothers, or e-mail me for further assistance. See you all there.

Happy Birthday to Jude Kakish from your former English teacher Lina Qaqish.

Congratulations to Jude Rafa'at Nshiewat, daughter of Hania Kakish on her 7th Birthday from your mom, dad, aunts and uncle in Canada and Jordan, we love you.

A special Happy Birthday to Hania Suhail Kakish from her sisters; Lubna, Laila and Tamara, her mom and her brother Hani and all the cousins, God Bless you.

Congratulations to Elias and Natalia Kakish on their 4th birthday from their mom dad Emad and Lubna and their sister Julia, and all their grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins.

Happy Birthday to Harris Bajes Watkins from grandparents, Farah and Abla Kakish and Godparents Amad and Carmela Kakish and cousin Brooke.   Best wishes always!

Congratulations to Laila Suhail Kakish on her graduation with a diploma in Digital Media Technical Production. I MISS YOU OM ALLayoul  FROM ASMA QAQISH

Congratulations to Laila Suhail Kakish on her graduation with a diploma in Digital Media Technical Production. All the best ya Layoul``

Wishing Vivian Kakish and Peter Critelli all the Love, Prosperity and Happiness on their upcoming Wedding (Oct. 14, 2006) and their future together.  Love Ibrahim, Jehad Kakish and sisters.

Congratulations to Diana Ibrahim Kakish and Carlo Corsi on their Wedding this July 29th 2006. From Ibrahim, Jehad Kakish and Sisters.

I, Laila Ayed Qaqish would like to thank everyone who visited me at the hospital and thanks for your gifts, god bless you from any evil.

Congratulations to Farah Ghazi Kakish & Rasha on the new born baby girl, Natalie. May god bless her always. From your aunt Ghalia and family. We love and miss you so much

The Qaqish/Kakish family reunion will be held on Saturday the 2nd of September, 2006 at the Hilton in Windsor, Ontario Canada. 2776 Riverside Dr. West (Radisson Riverfront Hall) at 7:00PM. Dinner served at 8:30PM $40.00 Adults.

Congratulations to Amanda Monther Qaiqsh and Ala'a Awad Kakish on their engagement July 19, 2006 from their families in Canada and Jordan.

Congratulations to Malek Yousef and Juliet Qaqish on their anniversary on 8/14 Monday.  Happy birthday to Maher Frieh Qaqish on 8/8, and get well soon for Omar, Sumaya and Sena from their accident. From Meryana with love.

Congratulations to Abu Khalid and Um Khalid Kakish on their 40th Wedding anniversary .We love you, God bless you always. Your kids Fatin, Tagreed,  Fadia,  Khalid,  Nisreen and Saliba.

How are you, I don't really know all the information about the Kakish Reunion but I know it will be in September in Windsor, it will be a reunion for all the Kakish' in the States and Canada to meet and get to know each other more. post it on the news so more people hear and learn about it, contact someone else I m sure they heard about it so everyone can start planning. It will be the long weekend in September for America and Canada. Thanks. Laila.

A Special Congratulations to my 2 sweet awesome cousins Dina & Mariam Wael Kakish/Toronto for graduating with honor from college. I m so proud of you :) love, Laila Suhail Kakish

Congratulations to Ramzi Michael Kakish on his graduation from High School year 2006 Best Wishes for a Bright Future

We love you Ramzi , Grand father Fouzi kakish and family

Congratulation to Nour Bashar Tadrous, daughter of Hala Ghazi Kakish, on her baptizm from her aunt Ghalia, and cousins Laila, Hani, Lubna & family, Tamara and naji and Hania and family. We love you NOur, god bless you always. 

A Special Happy Birthday to Hani Suhail Kakish from mom, Laila, Lubna, Hania and Tamara & all the nieces , nephews and cousins here in Toronto & JOrdan. 

A special happy birthday to Ghazi Farah Kakish from his sister Ghalia Kakish and family. We love Khalo Ghazi. 

Congratulations to Michael Ibrahim Kakish and Vallery on the arrival of the new baby boy, Ibrahim from Aunt Ghalia & family, Emad Elias & family, Mousa Jeries and family. God bless you all

Lisa kakish  28th birthday on January 29th - Happy Birthday t....

Awni kakish received his Masters degree in economic from Jordan University.

Happy birthday to Jessica Mazen kakish on her 14th birthday on January the 7

Laila Suhail Kakish would like to congrat Jenny Kakish & Tony Dimatteo on their new baby boy, born today Dec27,2005. May God bless him. Congratulations to a great husband and awesome wife.

Robby Emad Farah Qaqish celebrates his13th birthday on the 16th of DEC – Happy Birthday to you….

Congrats to Hania Suhail Kakish & Rafat Nshiewat for the new born baby Girl TAMARA. May god bless her always. love ur sistes, laila, Tamara,Lubna and your brother Hani, and all your family in Canada. We love you. To2omee Bel Salameh - Laila.

The Kakish (Qaqish) Family Society Is Honored To Invite You To Its Annual Christmas Party On

Saturday, December the 17th, 2005

 At City of La Verne Hall

3663 D Street

 La Verne, Ca  91750

Entertainment, Dinner, Open Bar

Santa Clause Will Visit Around 10:00PM

Tickets Are

$45.00 Adults, $10.00 Children Under 12


Parents to bring own child’s gift of no more than $20.00

 to be presented by Santa


For reservations, please call

Mazen     (619) 421-6009

Kamal      (909) 886-6517

Jamal       (714) 685-0830

Maher      (909) 797-1616

From Laila Kakish - Canada

1. Congratulations to Dina Wael Kakish on her award from college for the

hard work achieving her own personal vocational goal.

2. Happy 20th Birthday goes to Dina Wael Kakish on Nov20th from her family,

cousins and friends in Canada and Jordan. We love you DanDoon.

3. Happy Birthday goes to Lubna Suhail Kakish on Nov16th from your husband,

kids and family here in Canada and back in Jordan. May all your dreams

become true.

4. Happy 6th Birthday goes to Jude Ra'fat Nshiewat Kakish on Nov8th from

mommy, daddy, teta and all your family in Canada.

5. Happy 3rd Birthday goes to Natalia & Elias Emad kakish ( Twins) from

daddy, mommy and all your family here in Toronto.

6. Happy Birthday goes to Hania Suhail Kakish from your husband, daughter

and all your family and relatives in Jordan and Canada. We love you.


Congratulations to my brother and sister Ghilan and Manal Qaqish on there first born, Sanad.  Mouhaned Khoury.

New addition to the family: Congratulations to Ghilan E. Qaqish and his wife Manal for the arrival of their first new born baby boy named Sanad. We also congratulate Nabih (Abu Muhanned) and Nahed Khoury for becoming Grandparents.

Happy Birthday and best wishes to Harris Bajes Watkins on his 7th birthday  from his grandparents  Farah and Abla Kakish.

Happy 15 birthday to Mathew Qaqish from his parents and his whole family.

CASA (Canadian Arab Social Association) which is comprised of cousins (Qaqish and Kakish), conducts social events yearly.  We are holding our annual Qaqish and Kakish family picnic and we would like to invite all Qaqish and Kakish’s to our family picnic which is held in Toronto at the picnic grounds named Albion Hills on August 21, 2005.  If there are any questions please contact the President Jimmy Qaqish and Vice President Nader Kakish.  Reminder – barbecues are allowed in the park but alcohol isn’t.  P.S.  CASA will not be supplying any food and drinks, please bring your own.  On the other hand, we would be supplying games and lots of fun……

To George Kakish I wish you a very happy and special birthday...Enjoy your 23rd birthday...Love, Nadeen

happy 18th birthday to Christina Jamal Kakish from dad , mom ,Cynthia and Fady, and enjoy your vacation in Jordan

I like to congratulate my parents Ghaleb Jameel Qaqish and his wife, Janet Qaqish on their 40th anniversary from their 3 sons and their families: Jimmy Qaqish and his wife Kathleen Qaqish and kids Zackary Qaqish and Justin Qaqish, Jason Qaqish and his wife Agnes Qaqish, and Johnny Qaqish.

Saliba George Qaqish has come to America For the first time. And he says hi to everyone in Canada and America

Happy Birthday to Amanda Monther Khalil Kakish who turns 16 on July 16th. From your cousin Laila and your parents, sisters and all cousin here in Canada. We love you.

Dr. Munir Khalil Qaqish and his family would like to congratulate their son, Muhanad Munir Qaqish for graduating from Carleton University (Ottawa, Canada), with a BA in Computer Systems Engineering.

Omar and Sumaya Mughannam would like to announce the birth of their first child Sena Christine Mughannam. She was born on Fathers day June 19th at 10:42 am. It was a very special day because not only did Omar become a father but Sumaya's father, Said Yousef Kakish, became a Grandfather for the first time all on Fathers day. Congratulations to the Mughannam and Kakish families.

We would like to congratulate Reem Malek Qaqish , Heba Mazen Qaqish .Christina Jamal Kakish and all Kakish boys and girls on their graduations  and wish them bright future.....Jamal George Kakish